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APVS 2019


General Guidelines for ORAL Presentation
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 General Guidelines for ORAL Presentation 



1. The presentation language must be in English.


2. Presentation file must be submitted at least two weeks before August 9(Fri), 2019, the beginning of the congress.


3. All presenters should be punctual for the time allocation of their presentations.  

    Maximum 15 minutes will be  provided for each presentation including Q&A. (Pages are not limited)


4. Due to the tight presentation schedule, chairpersons are instructed to interrupt speakers who overrun their allocated time.


5. Presentation Material Format 

    - Microsoft Office PowerPoint (Microsoft PowerPoint version 2010 or higher) 

    - Aspect Ratio: 4:3 

    - Font: To use a standard font such as Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, and so on is recommended. 

               Please avoid to use specialized fonts available only for your computer. 

    - If you use any special or unique fonts, your presentation may not appear correctly on the projection screen.


6. The presentation file should be submitted at the preview room. 
Preview Room : Convention Center 2F, Grand Hilton Seoul
     (NOT allowed to use personal laptop)

   - All presenters are required to check-in at the Preview Room at least an hour prior to your session start (not your  presentation time). 

   - You may review your file before uploading to the system. 

   - When reviewing your presentation, please make sure all fonts and images appear as expected and that all audio or video clips are working properly. 

   - Computers in the presentation rooms will be identical to those in the Preview room. 

   - After you have finished reviewing and/or making changes to your presentation, you must notify an AV technician so that they can review and upload your files onto the PCs connected to each presentation room. 

   - If you need special AV equipment or AV technician regarding the slides, please inform the secretariat.


7. If your abstract is selected as one of the top Oral presentations, APVS 2019 secretariat will inform you individually. Should attend to award due to it will be held at closing ceremony. 

    **Please make sure whether the presenting author of your abstract to attend this congress or not. 
       If you need to replace your presenter, please only let us know up to August 11(Sun), but do not miss your lecture time.

    **Please re-check with your co-author, and definitely send a written request to


Should you have any further enquiries, please contact APVS 2019 secretariat ( for assistance. 


Thank you for your attention. 



**Your presentation schedule will be subject to change.** 

APVS 2019

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