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APVS 2019


APVS 2019 Offline(Group) Registration Form
Writer Admin Signdate 2019-03-15 Hit 885
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On-line registration is highly recommended at the congress website.


Unfortunately if on-line registration is not available, or if you are registering for a group please download the registration form attached and submit it to the secretariat by email(

첨부파일1 1. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(KO).docx 1. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(KO).docx
첨부파일2 1. APVS_2019_Registration_form_Group(EN).docx 1. APVS_2019_Registration_form_Group(EN).docx
첨부파일3 2. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(EN).xlsx 2. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(EN).xlsx
첨부파일4 2. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(KO).xlsx 2. APVS 2019_Registration form_Group(KO).xlsx
APVS 2019

Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress 2019
AUGUST 25~28 2019, KOREA

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